Below is the favorite Hobby for Montclair Company:

2010 through 2013 are the aquisition and catching the bug of driving fast years.   Transitioned from being a student to a full solo driver at High Performance Driving Events (HDPE's).  Completed some serious Car rejuvenation activities including engine rebuild and various accessory upgrades.  Car is still a mostly stock 1987 Porsche Carrera.

2014, Year 5 of Track Day Driving

Porsche/2014-Experience-Year/march-snow-and-2014-spring-cmp-012.jpg   Porsche/2014-Experience-Year/march-snow-and-2014-spring-cmp-022.jpg

Photos above of me leaving my Mountain Top in Boone in March in the snow to head to CMP in South Carolina.   My usual parking/driving companion at the track.   Sunny and warm !

  Porsche/2014-Experience-Year/016.jpg Porsche/2014-Experience-Year/020.jpg

Above Photos of me leaving the Mt. Fortress in November to head to VIR in Danville, VA.   Seems to be a snow theme going on here.

Porsche/2014-Experience-Year/022.jpg Porsche/2014-Experience-Year/074a0122-small.jpg

End of the 2014 Driving Season at VIR.  White group for entire season.

2014 Tracks Driven: CMP, Road America, Watkins Glen, CMP, VIR.   Great Year.


This is the last photo of the car in Red at a track.

Winter 2014 to 2015 Painting Mexico Blue

Porsche/2015 Solo and Blue/004.jpg Porsche/2015 Solo and Blue/20150211_142931.jpg

Porsche/2015 Solo and Blue/013.jpg Porsche/2015 Solo and Blue/014.jpg

Got a new decklid, a 70's style Duck Tail.   And the end result !!

2015 Driving Season, All Solo

Porsche/2015 Solo and Blue/017.jpg Porsche/2015 Solo and Blue/20151114_142500.jpg

Roebling Road at the left in June.   VIR at right in November.

2015 Tracks Driven: Roebling Road, CMP, VIR.  less tracks, great year.

Porsche/2015 Solo and Blue/20151114_142923.jpg

2015 Track Taking the Chief Instructor for a check ride, graduate to Black Run Group.   I am good here, next group Red is pre-race.

2016 Season, Becoming an Instructor 

Went to instructor school at CMP first thing in March 2016 and had my first student the same weekend.

Porsche/2016-Instructing/img_2259.jpg Porsche/2016-Instructing/img_2458.jpg

At CMP in Spring, first instructor experience.     Drove DE during Zone 2's Club Race in early June.  63 911 at hotel.

Porsche/2016-Instructing/img_2467.jpg Porsche/2016-Instructing/img_2523.jpg

At VIR with my tire carrying set-up.    At AMP in June, very hot.   Students Red GTI in background.

2016 Tracks Driven:   CMP, Lime Rock Park, VIR w/zone 2, AMP, VIR.  Great year.



At VIR again, also instructing at last event of the season.

2017 Season Begins Feb. 27 !!  Trying something new.