FEEDERS from Vibra Screw Inc.  

Vibra Screw manufacturers feeders and feeding systems for all type of dry bulk materials.   With a 50 year experience base of satisfied customers, they can design a feeder or system to dispense at rates starting at grams/hour up to tons/minute of just about any material.

Vibra Screw/titlebinactivators.jpg

     Bin Activators  

Most reliable method to discharge material from a silo or bin.

Vibra Screw/titlelivebottombins.jpg

  Live Bottom Bins

A complete bin assembly utilizing our bin activator for holding and reliably discharging material, usually to one of our feed systems. Empties completely.

  Vibra Screw/titlevolumetricscrew.jpg

  Volumetric Feeders

1/4" feed tube up to 16".  Accurate feeding, modular construction.  Often feed by live bottom bin or bin discharger above.

Vibra Screw/titlevibratingconveyors.jpg Vibra Screw/titlevibratingscreens.jpg
  Pan and Tube Feeder Conveyors are simple and efficient.  No moving parts touch your material.      Vibrating screens can scalp, dewater, classify as required with the appropriate wire deck.
  Vibra Screw/titlespiralconveyors.jpg   Vibra Screw/titlevibratingbins.jpg
  Can lift material up to 20' in a very small area.   Well suited to batching applications with its quick cut-off.
  Are completely vibrated and have no seals, ideal for sanitary application.  Similar to Live Bottom Bin above.