Montclair Company, operated by Jesse Ellington, is a manufacturers representative firm for makers of a variety of process equipment and complete systems for handling dry bulk materials.

With 30 years of experience in a variety of manufacturing and process industries and a degree in Mechanical Engineering, we have the knowledge to assist you in your material handling needs.

Our knowledge base means that we can assist customers in building convey systems that are robust, effective and very well priced to meet their needs. We’ve serviced customers handling materials that range from Foods to Chemicals, Plastics and Minerals.

Whether you’re handling material in smaller amounts and containers such as 50 lb. bags or in railroad car quantities, we have the expertise to help.

 - Are you storing, moving, processing, materials at your facility?
 - Are you interested in improving the efficiency, reducing energy usage, more uptime?
 - Do you have dust or leakage problems, equipment wear problems?
 - Does your existing process not perform as desired?

Contact Montclair Company today and we can discuss our experiences and help you to arrive at a solution.